Selecting a Commercial Electrician

Selecting a good electrician can be a time-consuming task, especially if you don’t know you’re looking for in the first place! Electricians who work in the commercial field develop a different set of skills over the years and, although they still retain all their basic knowledge and training, general household electrical work can sometimes take time for them to adapt to.

Remember that commercial electricians work on building sites, house and land development sites and in high-rise construction. The tasks which confront them are often alien to those that arise in a general household situation and you have to understand their skill set in order to choose a good one.

Many electricians who work in the commercial field are continually challenged to come up with inventive solutions to specific situations as they arise on-site. Whereas general household wiring is a relatively straightforward process in most circumstances, situations arise in commercial applications that are sometimes out of the ordinary and which require an inventive approach that a good commercial electrician can provide.

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics you should look out for when choosing a commercial electrician.

  • A good commercial electrician will be unflappable and able to adapt to issues as they arise. Commercial electricians work in an environment that involves constant change, especially when architects or designers change their minds at the last moment requiring electrical fittings to be situated in new areas that were not originally planned for.
  • Customers have expectations that must be met, and even when those demands appear to be unreasonable, a good commercial electrician will maintain composure and be able to provide a solution in a timely manner and instil a sense of confidence in the customer.
  • In a commercial environment there are many different professional providers working side-by-side so a good commercial electrician needs to be able to communicate clearly and effectively across a broad range of trades and professions. This ensures that the workplace is harmonious and that the job can get done on time.
  • Professional presentation is also important because customers expect tradesmen and other professionals to always look the part. As well they should be dressed appropriately and always have a friendly helpful attitude towards their customers.
  • Previous experience is also a characteristic of a good commercial electrician. As stated previously, many specialist tasks require specific knowledge and this is nowhere more evident than on a construction site. An electrician with the right experience can get the job done quicker and more efficiently and, as in any business, time is money.
  • Versatility is the final factor we will discuss. The best commercial electricians are adaptable and able to move between, for example, high-rise residential construction site to a new restaurant installation, and later on to a factory environment, all on the same day. Having a broad set of skills and experience makes a good commercial electrician the all in one package that every consumer wants.